Friday, 19 March 2010


Yay, I was awarded this "Beautiful Blogger" this week by Debbie of  I'm guessing it's because my blog was considered beautiful rather than me but I'm very happy either way! Thanks again, it is much appreciated.

So there are a couple of points to be followed when receiving such an award. I'll start with thanking my parents for the way in which they raised me, my husband for all ..., oh, hang on - wrong acceptance speech!

Seriously, I have to pass it on to 15 other fabulous bloggers who are:

Tim Holtz   
Karen Burniston
all the team at
Regina Easter
Teresa Collins
Tom Arber

And I also have to tell you 7 things about me that you might not know. So here goes;
1)I drink herbal tea - my favourites are ginger or peppermint
2)I've visited 16 countries on 4 different continents
3)I sponsor 4 kids in Kenya
4) I used to be a radio and TV presenter
5) I love Sci Fi and action films
6) My appendix was removed as an emergancy op when I was 40yrs old
7)I have picnicked on an abandoned airstrip in Canada and also on Mt Sinai

So there you have it. Whilst I'm here, you might like to see this card I made as a thankyou for my friend who helped babysit my foster babies.


Regina Easter said...

thanks Sarah, for the award and it was fun learning a bit more about ya...fabulous card..hugs

DonnaMundinger said...

Sarah, thanks so much for the lovely award! I'm WAAAYYY behind at posting them but am truly honored and appreciate each and every one. I so enjoyed reading about your amazing life. xxD

Shawnee Stamper said...

We thank you so much for the award Sarah! I will let the rest of the DT know. We so appreciate you rating us in your top 15 and stopping by to see what we do.



Thank you so very much ! What an honor! I got this one a bit back so I will add your link to it!! Thank you for the award!! Barb

Snowmanlover said...

Thank you so very much, SaraH!! I would love to see that post again that you wrote about a year ago about that little boy's wise words when his dog got put to sleep!
Barb snowmanlover 2 at yahoo dot com- if you have a chance to pass that story along to me!
Thanks for the blog award! I just now found it!