Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Great Britain quilt

Now, I've heard it said you shouldn't rush a good thing and so I didn't. This little baby took me over a year to complete, but in my defence, I had a lot of "put it down till later" time.
Work demands and illness meant my project was put aside for weeks, sometimes months at a time.

This was my first patchwork quilt but I never like to do things the easy way. As I couldn't find a pattern for a Union Jack I had to make my own.

It was quite tricky to get all the "on point" work - (the corners or mitres) to line up but I was pleased with my efforts.

I made a big mistake in planning this quilt. I wanted a really comfy quilt and thought bigger was best so I chose the thickest batting (the wadding that goes in the middle of you quilt sandwiche) that I could buy. The problem was that it made it too thick to go through my sewing machine meaning I had to do all the quilting by hand, apart from the very edges.    
This is how the quilting looks underneath - don't look too closely though, ok!


shari said...

Wow, I'm impressed!! Your quilt is beautiful, I can't believe you did that for your first one... Great job. Shari (cricutrookie)

Danielle said...

Great job. I think the hardest projects are the ones that you set aside for a bit...it is so tempting to forget about it leaving a ton of unfinished stuff. I love it!!

Mary said...

So are you from Australia?

Kathryn said...

What a great quilt! Are you sure you're not from Australia? (hehe)

I really do think you did a fantastic job on your quilt. The mitered corners are the best I've seen.

Hugs! Kitty

Enfys said...

Wow, I am in awe! This is fantastic, and to think that you did a lot of it by hand, what a labour of love. Thanks for showing this,
big hugs
En xx

Enfys said...

Fantastic work Sarah, what a family heirloom you made.
En xx

Enfys said...

Forgot to say, I posted twice on this post because I wanted to show my sister your quilt, she is thinking of taking up quilting as a hobby.
En xx