Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hodge Podge Memory box

Funny how, even with a couple of months notice I still end up doing a project right at the very last minute, ( well, at least a couple of hours before the event!)  I made this memory box for a friend's surprise baby shower today.

She has chosen the Hodge Podge range from Mamas & Papas for her nursery. Let me tell you, this project would have been a whole lot easier if they showed larger images on their website!

I took a store bought box and painted it with regular wall emulsion (I used the little tester/ matchpots) as I wanted to create a slightly wood grain effect.

It was a great project as I got to make my own templates, which I love to do.

I just copied some of the images by eye and drew and cut them freehand. It is much easier than you might think as these kind of images are very stylised and simplistic.

I love this so much I might make another for myself!!!

The hedgehog is so cute, he's my favourite.

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