Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My most used Cricut cartridge

This cartridge has helped me out so many times when I've had to do a scripture board or bullitin board at church. Everyday Paper dolls is great for using to decorate classrooms, and with so many different themed outfits to choose from, you are sure to find something at least similar to what you need. I have the Cricut Expression, which means I can cut small or really large sizes, (1/4 inch to 23 & 1/4 inches).

I usually cut the dolls around 5-6 inches 
high like on this board...

unlike a ready bought die cut, you can adjust
the clothing, hair and skin colour to just how you
like. I even drew freckles on one of the kids.
When we displayed it in the classroom several of the children commented how one character looked liked Josh (one of the boys in the class!)

I love this cartridge and know I'm going to be using it over and over again.

One time I made a whole load of memory books as Christmas gifts for friends, (sorry, no picture!) and put a little paper doll mini me on the front representing each recipient. It was such fun to see their reactions when they opened their gifts and even better when they recognised themselves and each other!
This guy  was cut at 12 inches high, I dressed him  
in regular clothing but also I cut his armour in
mirri card. Everything was laminated so we could
easily dress him in his armour whilst teaching
about the full armour of God.

 Everything is seperate and removable, sword, helmet, breastplate, shield etc.

You can check out the earlier post showing the bulliton board for this year's Primary theme.

I'm already working on my samples for The Papertrail Co. and will post them as soon as poss.



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